Best Small Business Ideas

In today’s world, many young entrepreneurs are looking for the best small business ideas to start their journey into the world of business.

Are  you one of those people that have an okay 8-5  job than is rewarding enough  but feel the desire for something more challenging that makes you more money?  Its time to delve into the world of entrepreneurship.

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Now the idea of venturing into the unknowns of owning and running your own business may seem daunting but let me tell you that it is a fact that it starting and successfully running your own business is one of the most rewarding ventures you could ever take part in.

It is possible to achieve your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur even with very little starting capital.  You just need to come up with one heck of an idea and work really hard at it.

Coming up with a stellar idea might seem impossible to do but you need not fret. We have compiled here a list of 10 low capital,  lucrative business ideas to guide you in your new venture.

1) Gym/Fitness Center

Today everybody is totally obsessed with staying fit. Being unfit physically is largely the cause for serious health problems such as heart attacks.

Everybody is looking  to lose weight and those that have lost it want to remain fit. Start a small health and fitness center and you’ll get more customers than you can handle in no time at all.

2) Event Planner

If you are organized and attentive  to detail, you could be sitting on a gold mine. Try starting a small company that focuses of planning events such as weddings, birthday parties and other parties.

You may however require to hire some help and get a bit of training on this.

3) Grocery Shop

Groceries are an every day need in every home. However,  not all people have the time to go shop at the supermarket, what with the busy work schedules and all.people

This is a great small business idea that requires really little capital to start and what’s even better,  you require no training at all. Start small and then slowly grow bigger.

4) Interior Design

Another thing everybody is looking for is some help in decorating the interior of their homes or offices. This small business idea requires little starting capital but you may require some training to gain the skills.

5) Cleaning Business

With the economy in recession,  every working citizen is becoming busier and busier and office hours are becoming longer with each new dawn. Between office work, and the mad traffic every day,  there’s almost no time left to do anything in the house.

But people still want to come home to a clean house and have fresh clothes for everyday.  Starting a cleaning business is a great idea.

It requires little starting capital and really no expertise at all!

6) Delivery Business

Because everybody is so busy chasing money,  there’s a growing demand for pick up and delivery services. Some of the things you could pick up and deliver include laundry and groceries.

This small business idea requires no starting capital. You only need a phone and a car.

7) Tuition Classes

Education is key and everyone is looking to excel in this area of life. While most of the education is available in  school or online, a lot of people require extra coaching to do well in their classes. 

Starting tuition classes is a brilliant small business idea which requires no capital at all. You could go to these people’s homes to teach the classes or you could have them come to your house for the lessons. .

8) Photography

If you have a passion for taking pictures, this could be the perfect small business idea for you. Everyone wants to capture the moments that have sentimental value for them be it at weddings, birthdays or even funerals.

Grab your camera and go start your photography business!

9) Mobile Food Shop

Do you love to cook? Guess what?  you can turn your favorite pastime  into a stellar small business idea.

Because people all over the world are growing busier and busier, it is becoming harder for the working person to leave the office to go grab lunch at their favorite restaurant.

Why not bring their lunch closer to them! After all, everything in the world is going mobile. Start a mobile food shop and make some quick bucks!

All you need to get started is a little capital, and a van.

10) Baby Sitting Services

If you are a woman looking to start a low investment small business in your house, offering baby sitting services is a terrific idea!

Many working parents who do not want to hire full time nannies for their kids would really appreciate this service. This requires no starting capital at all.

Conclusion on Best Small Business Ideas

I hope this list of 10 best small business ideas gives you an idea of what small business idea to engage in. As you can see there are many great business ideas that require low investment that you could try out.

Just find one you are truly passionate about and give it your all! You are now on your way to becoming an entrepreneur!